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Wood primer is a general purpose oil based undercoat (for interior and exterior) coating put on wood, specifically before the wood is painted with a final coat. Using a wood primer increases the durability of your paint work, ensures better adhesion of the paint to the surface, and helps protect the wood that’s being painted.

Product Purpose

Provides excellent adhesion for subsequent over coating with undercoat and gloss topcoats. NOTE: Wood Primer is not recommended for use on highly resinous timber.

Features & Benefits

  • Maximum protection for all timber surfaces.
  • Long term flexibility to accommodate movement in the timber substrate.
  • Economical to use and easy to apply.
  • Excellent flow properties and good spreading rate.

Product Information

Colour                                                             : Pink/White

Density at 23°CApprox.                               : 1.39 kg/L

Solids Content By weight                            : Approx. 73%

   By volume                           : Approx. 52%

Packaged ViscosityViscosity at 23°C       : Approx 70 KU

Spreading Rate                                            : Approx 10m2/Ltr depending on surface porosity, profile and application method

Recommended                                             : Penetrates substrate

DFT per coat

Application Information

Application Conditions                                : Surface Temperature between 10 – 35°C,  

  Relative Humidity between 10 – 85%.

Application Methods                                    : Brush application ensures proper wetting and 

  penetration of the primer into the wood.

Preparation                                                   : Thin using Mineral Turpentine.

Drying Time                                                   : Touch dry 6 hours (Drying times will be

  extended during cold, wet or humid conditions)

Recoating Time                                            : 18 hours

Finish                                                              : Flat

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