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Aura Nitrocellulose Clear Lacquer is a nitrocellulose based formulated transparent wood finish for all kinds of wood. Due to its high clarity, it offers excellent gloss levels. It also dries very fast to a hard surface.


  • Break the seal to open the gallon. Stir thoroughly before use. Add 3.5ltrs of Aura Standard Thinner to a 4Ltr gallon of NC Clear Varnish. 
  • Apply by brush or spray machine. Apply evenly and avoid overspreading. Clean equipment immediately with a proprietary cleaner. 
  • Do not use in temperatures below 8OC or in high humidity.

Use Recommended Aura Standard Thinner otherwise “Whitening” may occur.

Features & Benefits

  • Fast Drying.
  • No Sanding between coats.
  • Resists brush marks.
  • Prepares wood for a smooth even topcoat.
  • Beautiful Finish

Standard Features

Finish                                : Clear Gloss.

Drying time                       : < 30 min

Colour                                         : Dries to clear gloss,  appears clear in the can.

V.O.C.Level                           : < 525g/L untinted

Application Conditions              Solids By Volume                        35

Min                      Max                     Recommended

                             Wet Film Per Coat (microns)   100                      100                     100

Dry Film Per Coat (microns)    35                        35                        35

Recoat Time (min)                      3-5 Hours          Indefinite

Theoretical Spread Rate (m2/L) 10                    10                        10


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