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Gypsum Wallplast Filler is water-based formulation material with a tough co-polymer emulsion and high quality extenders incorporating mould resistant fungicides. It is suitable for smoothening/ skimming uneven plasterwork before paint application.

  • Break the seal to open the bag. Pour the dry powder content in clean mixing container.
  • Mix with enough clean water to the desired paste. Mix by hand or with a slow speed mixer to a smooth, trowelable consistency.
  • Use steel trowel to apply in a perpendicular direction to achieve a smooth finish with thickness of 0-2mm. Use sufficient material and pressure to force in joints, cracks and holes. Level and smooth.
  • If there is need to recoat, do it in same perpendicular direction to help fill in ripples or irregularities. Recoat in 12 hours.



Product/ Working Properties


Pack size          : 25 Kg


Type of finish   : White smooth Ultra-fine


Thickness         : 0-2mm


Working Time  : 20 Minutes


Drying Time     : 12-24 Hrs. (depending on    temperature and humidity)


Pot Life              : 2 Hrs.


Shelf Life           : 12 Months in cool, dry place


Mix Ratio            : 0.34L/Kg 


Coverage           : 10-20 Sq Mtrs

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