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Aura Professional Sanding Sealer is a quick drying, colourless solvent based clear for sealing timber grain to give optimum results with clear top coats. It is also suitable for preparing porous open grained timber for clear polyurethanes.


  • Break the seal to open the gallon. Stir thoroughly before use. Add 3.5ltrs of Aura Standard Thinner to a 4Ltr gallon of Sanding Sealer. 
  • Apply by brush. Apply evenly and avoid overspreading. Clean equipment immediately with a proprietary cleaner. 
  • Do not use in temperatures below 8OC or in high humidity.
  • Use Recommended Aura Standard Thinner otherwise “Whitening” may occur.

Features & Benefits

  • Fast Drying.
  • Sands Easily.
  • Seals Wood Grain.
  • Prepares wood for a smooth even topcoat.

Standard Features

Finish                                : Flat.

Drying time                       : < 30 min

Colour                                         : Dries to colourless clear, although it appears milky in the can.

V.O.C.Level                           : < 525g/L untinted

Application Conditions              Solids By Volume                        35

Min                      Max                     Recommended

                             Wet Film Per Coat (microns)   100                      100                     100

Dry Film Per Coat (microns)    35                        35                        35

Recoat Time (min)                      3-5 Hours          Indefinite

Theoretical Spread Rate (m2/L) 10                    10                        10


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